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Main Learning Displays

What is an MLD?



The Main Learning Display (MLD) is an interactive digital system that replaces traditional teaching displays such as a whiteboard or projector.

The standard MLD setup consists of an interactive panel, a Mini PC, a webcam and a wireless keyboard and mouse. 

With powerful speakers and a large screen, you can present a wide variety of learning materials, use digital inking tools to annotate directly on the screen, connect to cloud-based applications and enable students to interact with their learning in new ways.


Wireless casting solution for MLDs. 

Airserver - Overview

AirServer - Casting an iPad

AirServer - Casting a Windows device

Easily share content from a variety of devices including Windows, iPads, MacBooks and Chromebooks without the need for cables. Teachers can prepare learning ahead of time on their chosen device and students can share their learning. Wireless casting enables teachers more freedom and enhances classroom engagement, flexibility, and collaboration.

Airserver - Casting a Chromebook

AirServer - Casting a MacBook

AirServer - Classroom management

WebCam and Mini PC


Connecting multiple MLDs

Effective use of the webcam 

Video transcript

Quick support guide on inserting webcam images to applications. 

Quick support guide on using the Windows 10 Camera app.

Collaborating using online applications

Leveraging STEM technologies

Integrating digital ink into teaching 

There are several different types of MLDs. Select your model below to get started.

Device specific information

Caring for the MLD

From time to time, the MLD screen may become dusty or be marked by fingerprints, making the image display unclear. Let’s investigate best practice in cleaning the panel.

Moving the MLD

If the MLD is installed on a trolley, staff have the flexibility to move the display to different areas. This video demonstrates how to safely manoeuvre the MLD around the room.


Activating your webcam

Sound management

Video transcript

Quick support guide on sound management.

Accessibility settings on the MLD 

Video transcript

Learn accessibility settings on the MLD with this printable quick support guide.

Casting MLD content to student devices

Using as a second screen