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Are you keen to connect your students with STEM/digital technologies experts?

The stem.T4L and T4L teams are preparing a number of virtual incursions with STEM and digital technology specialists. 

These on-demand sessions will not be the usual passive experiences, they'll include plenty of linked activities to get your students innovating and creating.

Industry experts will discuss their careers, talk about their research and then set a task for students to complete.

Each session will be available on-demand and come complete with a linked learning experience, that will extend students learning and form a complete STEM/digital technologies journey.

STEM Expert: App design with Transport for NSW and Bilue

App design with Transport for NSW

App design with Bilue

People use apps on their tablets and phones everyday to help them shop, communicate and navigate life. But how are they created and what does it take to become an app designer?

Watch the resources above to take the app design challenge to build a fantastic transport app. Then get some fantastic pointers from real-life app design company Bilue and build in app design principles to support your transport app. You never know - your app might be shared with the team at Transport for NSW!

Check out the special edition of T4L Kids to further unpack your app design journey.

STEM Expert: Gadi, Australia's Supercomputer

Did you know Australia has a supercomputer called Gadi? Watch this video to learn more about what it is, what it can do - and how you can develop your skills to work with data!

See the connected learning activities below to get students actively using data to engage their curiosity and solve problems.

Learning Activities

STEM expert: Army Drone Racing Team

Did you know the Army has a drone racing team? Watch this video to learn more about the program and the power of play in developing skills!

Access these connected learning activities to get students thinking and innovating around drones for good.

STEM expert: The Brickman

STEM expert: The Brickman, Ryan McNaught (LEGO Masters Australia TV Show)

Topic: creativity and problem-solving

Resources - access the  stem.T4L learning library and search for board 1084.

Past Virtual Excursion Resources