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Windows devices

Before teachers or students can begin to use T4L rollout Windows devices and those purchased in EdBuy, they will need to be built or configured using the eT4L server. 

To deploy software to these devices or update the operating system, you will need to become familiar with the Software Catalogue and the Universal Desktop Manager (UDM). 

If you encounter any problems throughout these processes, check out the troubleshooting information. 

Once your devices are set up you can explore resources and PL to help you get started. 

Windows devices first -time set up

Getting started with your Windows device

Now that your devices are up and running it is time to kickstart your journey with technology in the classroom. Take a peek at these resources packed with top tech tips and tricks to boost your skills in no time.

Read - Get back to basics and explore the power of Microsoft Word with magazine.T4L 

Attend - Register for a one-hour professional learning webinar for Windows or watch previous sessions on demand

Watch - Personalise your desktop to streamline your digital classroom on Windows Notebooks

Discover - Check out the Microsoft OneDrive resources page to start moving your documents to the cloud!

Learn - Boost your Office 365 skills in 10 easy steps with a curated digital pathway

Powering your productivity with technology

After mastering the basics of your device, explore a new set of resources designed to power your productivity with technology. 

Read - Open up magazine.T4L to discover the power of Microsoft Teams and to manage your digital space

Attend - Register for a one-hour professional learning webinar on Managing and Personalising Learning with Microsoft 365 or watch previous sessions on-demand

Watch - Transform Microsoft 365 tools with Immersive Reader

Discover - Listen to a podcast on digital wellbeing featuring neuroproductivity researcher Dr Kristy Goodwin