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The Student Podcaster

The Student Podcaster is a series of self-paced modules for teachers and students to develop their skills with capturing, recording, editing and sharing podcasts and media projects. This is a beginner course that will guide participants—both students and teachers—to build audio samples and eventually compose a podcast to show their understanding and share information with others.

For teachers

Use the modules to lead your students through the podcast creation process or to build your own skills. 

For students 

Students can work through the modules at their own pace, build skills and publish their first podcasts. 

There are also loads of tips, tricks, safety checks and more to help students produce a quality podcast and engage audiences! 

Why podcast? 

Podcasts are an empowering and transforming medium for creativity and communication. All you need is the technology you have at your fingertips already, such as a laptop or tablet. Podcasting offers a way to engage in a way that traditional media can not—think about all those unread newsletters... Plus, it takes less time than video production. The Student Podcaster will support both students and teachers to create quality podcasts in no time! 

1. Audio recording

Start using software and hardware on your own devices to start producing your podcast. 

2. Audio production

Learn to add music and sound effects (SFX) to lift the quality of your podcast. 

3. Audio editing

Follow video guides to learn how to edit audio clips, music and SFX.

4. Podcast Planning

Get tips from high-quality resources to plan a premium podcast project.

5. Podcast Publishing

Learn how to safely share and publish your work.

6. Teacher Resources

Teachers, to bring it all together and support your students check out these resources to see how the Student Podcaster can help you meet learning outcomes in your classroom.