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A technology magazine for teachers

magazine.T4L is an online magazine designed for use in the classroom and staffroom. Whether you’re passionate about tech, or just starting your journey, you will find an easy snapshot of tech solutions for your classroom and links to boost your digital knowledge.

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Read issue 28 - The ultimate guide to podcasting in your school!

Explore the variety of learning opportunities with podcasting in your classroom! Get your students engaged with podcasting to enhance their speaking and digital literacy skills and build their confidence when it comes to other learning opportunities such as writing, planning, collaboration and production skills. Grab your mics and get recording!

School Administrative and Support Staff Tech Guide 2024

Our SASS Staff are essential personnel in our schools, to assist them on their journey we’ve created this Tech Guide to help support their professional learning. This is a brand-new resource from T4L – we encourage you to share it with your colleagues!

Refresher - Beginning Teacher Tech Guide 2024 

This new and refreshed edition of the Tech Guide is for teachers beginning their careers, in addition to anyone else who may be keen to explore the latest resources and information available on tech tools and platforms available in the department.

Special edition: School Library

This magazine has been created to support, guide and inspire our public school teacher librarians and principals to create wonderful spaces and places for our readers.

Special edition: DCO

Celebrating the DCO program and the profound impact it has made on 1000+ schools and communities across the Rural Access Gap program.

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