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Telepresence in NSW Public Schools

The Technology 4 Learning team have introduced telepresence robots into NSW classrooms to provide the opportunity for every student to be known, valued and cared for with the power of technology.

What is telepresence?

Telepresence is a means for people to be present in a different location from where they are physically located, utilising the power of technology.

For schools, telepresence is a ground-breaking way for students to continue to attend school when they are physically unable to do so as a result of ill-health or other issues. Students can dial in to a telepresence robot that is inside their classroom from a phone, tablet or computer from any location.

Unlike an online video call such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, students can move the telepresence robot around, giving them autonomy over where they are, who they talk to and what they can see and hear.

*Content on this page has been transcribed from the Telepresence brochure which was developed in collaboration with The Hospital School at Westmead.