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Google Drive

Google drive lets you store, organise and share your files, photos, videos etc. These files can then be accessed easily on any internet connected device.

How to access Google Drive through the Staff Portal

Your DoE G Suite credentials are your portal username followed by "", eg

Where are all the files saved?

Students and teachers can use the ‘Google Drive’ app inside G Suite for Education to store and save files.

An overview of setting up my new Google Drive (4 mins)

In this video you will learn how to open your Google Drive from the staff portal and how to access some of the key areas. You will also learn about how to set Google Drive up for the first time including creating, navigating and organising folders.

Migrating your data (2.10 mins)

Now that you have set up your new Google Drive you can now migrate your existing data including files and folders. This video outlines the steps involved in migrating your files from your desktop to your new Google Drive. Once uploaded you will learn the options to open a document to make edits. 

Sharing my data with others (1 min)

The real power of moving your content to the cloud using Google Drive is the ability to share and collaborate in real time. This video will give you the confidence to share content from within Google Drive as well as directly from the document interface. Plus you will learn how to share with specific people, how to generate a link to share to a larger group via email or chat and set permissions. 

Data shared with me by others (1.30 mins)

Data and files can be shared with you by other people. In this video we have a quick look at where to find these files and what you can do with them. You can improve your ability to search and find for key documents you wish to track through tagging, linking, and adding to different workspaces.

Working on documents in the cloud (1 min)

Did you know you can create, collaborate and edit documents, slides and spreadsheets directly in your internet browser? Tune in to this video to learn how to create a document, discover templates to save you time and explore the many options available to share and collaborate with your team or students!

Syncing home/work device with the cloud (3 mins)

By using Google Drive for desktop you can access your files in your cloud drive as if they existed on your personal device. Watch this video to learn how to utilise Google Drive to improve productivity, provide offline access and have greater control over your data.

Bespoke features in Google Drive (3.45 mins)

Google has a variety of apps to assist with productivity and organisation in your Google Drive. Learn how to use the Calendar, Keep and Tasks apps via the link in the menu on the right side of your Google Drive as well as create Priority Workspaces for different projects.

What to do if you are moving school (0.40 min)

When moving schools you may need to transfer access and ownership of some files, folders and resources to other members of your school team. Watch this video to learn how to transfer ownership of files making other members of your team the 'owner' of the file. 

Professional Learning

The Basics of Google Drive

The MyPL course (video) below has some basic information about Google Drive (from 6:20 - 13:00 minutes).

Getting started with G Suite (MyPL)