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Apple MacBooks

Apple iMacs, MacBooks and Minis are available for schools and corporates offices to purchase via EdBuy. All Apple Macs ordered through EdBuy are supplied with a 4-year Jamf Pro licence and using this to configure and manage your Macs, as well as Apple iPads, is the best option. More information about getting started with Jamf Pro is available at this site.

While it's recommended that each site use Jamf Pro to setup and manage their Apple fleet of devices, some sites are using other Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and some sites independently manage Apple devices. The sections below provide advice for initial setup of your Apple Mac devices, depending on your situation.

Setting up

Out of the box setup with Jamf Pro:

There are many ways to enrol a new Mac into Jamf Pro outlined in the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide. The guide below covers the two simplest methods:

  • Computer PreStage Enrolments - Automated Device Enrolment (DEP)

    For Macs that are already in Apple School Manager and assigned to your Jamf Pro MDM, it is best practice to use Computer PreStage Enrolments as this reduces the amount of time and interaction it takes to prepare a Mac.


  • User-Initiated Enrolment for Computers

    For Macs that are not yet in Apple School Manager, and therefore need to be enrolled manually, User-Initiated Enrolment is best practice. The Department configures User-Initiated Enrolment for you, just visit the following URL ( on the Mac you wish to enrol.
    Make sure you replace consolename with your school's Jamf Pro console name and log in with the same credentials you use for Jamf Pro, and follow the prompts.

If you are asked to assign a user, you can press the Enroll button without filling in a user name.

Note: This enrolment method requires access to a user account on the Mac with administrator privileges.

Do you have an existing MacBook or iMac that needs rebuilding?

Use the MacOS Recovery guide.

Once the device has been rebuilt, continue with the Out of the Box setup as detailed above.

Getting started

To kickstart your journey with technology in the classroom and staffroom, the T4L team has pulled together some useful resources packed with top tech tips.

Watch the below video to boost productivity using handy MacBook functions.