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Apple iPads

  1. To begin you will need to ensure you have set up Apple School Manager as well as your school's JAMF instance and your devices have been assigned. 
  2. Then before switching on, ensure you have purchased and assigned the Apps you want and grouped your iPads if needed.

Finally follow the instructions to switch on your iPads as well as configuring your WiFi and proxy settings to be all set for Technology 4 Learning. 

Creating static groups using your school's Jamf Pro instance.


Assigning apps to groups using your school’s Jamf Pro instance.

Getting started with your Apple iPads

Now that your devices are up and running it is time to kickstart your journey with technology in the classroom. Take a peek at these resources packed with top tech tips and tricks to boost your skills in no time.

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Powering your productivity with technology

After mastering the basics of your device, explore a new set of resources designed to power your productivity with technology.

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Attend - A professional learning event to build students' skills as authors and discover key resources on iPad

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