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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teachers and students to engage, create, interact, and collaborate. It’s a one stop communication platform that combines chat, video meetings/lessons, file storage, assignments and integration of multiple applications. 

Using and accessing Teams

These videos support staff in creating a Team and delve into the basics of using the features of Teams.

Using Teams in the classroom

These videos support staff in using Class Teams, assignments, Reading Progress and gaining valuable insights on student activity.

Additional Guidance for using Teams

When using Reading Progress on Teams the following considerations should be noted:

  • Use in conjunction with other reading assessments.
  • Do not use for summative assessment.
  • Listen/watch the student recordings, rather than just getting the generated data.
  • Adjust the pronunciation sensitivity settings to allow for the varying accents of our learners.
  • Only upload own passages that teachers have carefully selected for students.
  • Students will need to record in a quiet location without background noise.