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Microsoft OneDrive

You can access Microsoft OneDrive using your DoE Microsoft Office 365 (and portal) login credentials in the following email format: With your DOE login ID you have access to Microsoft Office Home and OneDrive. 

Where are all the files saved?

Teachers can use the ‘Microsoft OneDrive’ app inside Microsoft Office 365 to store and save files.

How to set up my new cloud drive

In this video you will learn how to open your OneDrive from the staff portal and how to access some of the key areas. You will also learn about how to set your OneDrive up for the first time including creating, navigating and organising folders.

Migrating your data – Moving your data online

In this video we will show you how to transfer your files from their current location onto OneDrive.

Syncing home/work computer with the cloud

By using the OneDrive app, you can access your files in your cloud drive as if they existed on your personal device. Watch this video to learn how to utilise this app to improve productivity, provide offline access and have greater control over your data.

Sharing data part 1 - Sharing my data with others

Collaborate with others by sharing your files in OneDrive. Here we show you how to access your share settings and set your file sharing permissions.

Sharing data part 2 - Data shared with me by others

Data and files can be shared with you by other people. In this video we have a quick look at where to find these files and what you can do with them. You can improve your ability to search and find for key documents you wish to track through linking these shared items with your My Files section.

Working on documents in the cloud

There are a number of online office apps that are accessible from your OneDrive. These include Word, Excel and PowerPoint just to name a few. We also have a look at using the 'Open on Desktop' feature where you can perform a wider array of tasks.