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Masterclass: Accessibility in Google

An image of a group of students studying on their laptop and there is a Google logo on the top left corner

Google tools make information more accessible for students to see, hear and interact in the classroom!

In this video by expert Google Educator Chris Betcher, you’ll learn how to use Google’s accessibility tools. 

  • How to find and turn on accessibility settings in Chromebook. 
  • Enlarge what you’re viewing by zooming in with a few clicks of the keyboard. 
  • Turn on the full screen magnifier which, when enabled, creates a red circle on the screen that can be moved to different areas of the page with a scroll in/out function so that students can easily see what you are referring to.
  • How to use the docked magnifier to split the screen. This magnifies the top third of the screen, allowing you to highlight a particular area of the page so that students can read it more easily. 
  • And, discover high contrast mode to reverse the colours, making the screen easier to see for students with low vision. 

These accessibility functions allow you to empower students with choice by removing barriers.

Global Accessiblity Day on 19 May celebrates digital access and inclusion for the more than one billion people worldwide with disabilities and impairments. Visit the website for more information, and be sure to watch the video!