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Canva for Education

What is Canva for Education?

Canva is an online design and publishing tool with templates that make it easy to create presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. In addition, Canva for Education provides upgraded access to images, tools as well as some automated student groupings to make using this design suite even more intuitive.

Log onto Canva for Education with a single click

Staff and students can now access Canva through the portal. If you’re new to the Single Sign-On process (SSO) watch this on-demand webinar designed with the needs of schools in mind at any time. 

How can you and your students access Canva for Education?

A Canva for Education account has already been created for you and your students. You can access it by clicking on the link in the student or staff portal.

If accessing Canva direct from the Canva website or by using one of the Apps, select the ‘email address’ sign in option and sign in using:

-       Teachers - email address

-       Students - email address

Follow the simple steps provided in the Accessing Canva for Education flyer for teachers and get access to Canva.

Follow the simple steps provided in the Accessing Canva for Education flyer for students and get access to Canva.

Watch how to access Canva for Education with a single click.

Share this video with students to show them how they can access Canva for Education with a single click via their student portal.

What is included with Canva for Education?

The new Canva for Education version available for NSW public schools includes the following tools and assets.

  • Produce presentations or lessons, add your voiceover, and send or share directly as a video link
  • Make images, fonts, graphics, videos, animations, and templates
  • Remove backgrounds and access a content planner


  • Dedicated classroom space to invite students and teachers to share, review, and manage your work
  • Share work to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and more


  • Share and review work as an assignment for students to complete, individually or collaboratively
  • Assign group work templates for project-based learning, that can be completed in real-time both in-person or remotely.

Finding templates and publishing lessons and activities in Canva

Canva for Education includes over 60,000 education-related templates for teachers and students to use at your discretion in the classroom. You can search the platform to find templates for:

  • education presentation templates
  • lesson plans
  • group work and skill-based activities and worksheets
  • worksheet examples for maths, science and more
  • student videos

  • socio-emotional learning activities (eg ‘How are you feeling today?’)
  • infographics
  • virtual classroom kits include Google Classroom headers and more
  • posters
  • classroom décor kits

How can you tell if Canva for Education is right for you?

Schools and teachers are not obliged to use Canva for Education and need to make their own decision if the tool and its features are right for their students.

The department understands that many teachers are using Canva already, and is now making access easy and simple by facilitating an upgrade to this new premium version. (please take note of the privacy policy and additional educational terms of use.)

If choosing to use Canva in the classroom, it is a Canva requirement that all students have parental permission. More information on obtaining consent for the use of digital tools can be found here.

N.B.Extensive testing of Canva tools and apps has not been completed. This project's intent is to provide easy and simple access to the enhanced toolset via the student and staff portals. Please test and trial select tools and applications before implementing them in the classroom.

Canva for Education FAQs

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