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Canva Brand Kit access

Using the Canva Brand kit

In response to widespread requests from school leaders and administrative staff, we are excited to announce that schools can now apply for access to set up their Canva Team's brand toolkit!

With this new feature, schools can create a custom brand kit, including their own logos, colour schemes, font styles, and other essential branding elements.

This toolkit will enable schools to maintain a consistent and professional appearance across all their designs, ensuring that all community-facing content adheres to the school’s and the Department’s branding guidelines.

Once setup, a school's brand kit will be available for all staff to utilise with any of the designs they create within their school team. Some great uses for a brand kit are:

  • school newsletter
  • social media posts
  • announcements.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please apply through the following link: 

Apply for your brand kit here.