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T4L Kids TV

Keen to get your students using some top tech tools and put into practice tips learned from a T4L webinar?  Do you want extra resources to get your students up to speed in the classroom? Introducing T4L Kids TV, these short and sharp tutorial videos will get your students working with technology tomorrow!

Here are easy ways to engage your students with T4L Kids TV videos: 

  • Insert videos directly into Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or any other Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Show videos on a panel or projector in your classroom
  • Send videos via email.  

You can also share T4L Kids TV videos with parents. It makes great how-to content for parents and caregivers who may be keen to learn more and help their child.

Please note: to share the link, copy the 'Direct video link' below each video.

Working with Data

Learn how to survey and collect information digitally, and then discover how to present data using infographics

Learn how to use Microsoft Forms to gather and work with data and information.  Direct video link

Learn how to use Google forms to gather and work with data and information. Direct video link

Learn how to display data visually with infographics in Adobe Spark. Direct video link