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T4L rollout update!

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Many devices for the 2021-2022 T4L Rollout have already arrived in schools. Depending on the device, we are seeing varied ETAs and are updating this information sheet weekly with the latest advice. Some models will not be available until Term 2. Vendors have been asked to email the school account to advise of upcoming deliveries. Please be aware that notebook orders may involve multiple shipments as devices and accessories could be delivered separately. It’s important to refer to the process that schools should follow when their deliveries arrive.

ALL new Windows devices MUST be built via the standard F12 network boot process. This ensures the device is correctly joined to the department's network, allowing for single sign-on, network printing and deployment of software via UDM. For this reason, it is important that schools wait until all accessories are received through the separate shipments BEFORE turning on your new devices. While you can turn on your new devices and use them without an F12 build, they will not be optimally configured and cannot be shared with other users. If you did this with any new Windows devices, you'll need to F12 rebuild them before they can be properly used and managed.

If your school has questions about the T4L Rollout, please send an email with details to