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Google Classroom

Google Classroom

What is it? 

Google Classroom is a tool that does what its name suggests – creating a virtual ‘classroom’ in the cloud that students can join and teachers can manage. Google Classroom enables teachers to schedule, upload, track assignments and communicate with their class.

What can I do with it?   

  • Add students to create a classroom  

  • Run a virtual classroom  

  • Share and curate files  

  • Schedule work for your class   

  • Provide access to resources   

  • Curate and host classroom conversations   

  • Share links online  

  • Create digital portfolios with connections  to G-Suite

Standout features   

  • Works on any device with internet. 

  • Assignments complete with rubrics and teacher feedback.  

  • Integration of self-marking quizzes.  

  • Collaboratively share the classroom between teachers. 

  • Create individual copies of key proforma documents for students at the click of a button.  

  • Chat function can be disabled, giving teacher more control.

Professional Learning

The Basics of Google Classroom

1 hour

Learn how to make your classroom digital with Google Classroom.

The basics of Google Classroom on MyPL.

Taking Google Classroom to the next level

1 hour

Already using Google Classroom, discover its capacity to deliver feedback, assess with rubrics and more.

Taking Google Classroom to the next level on MyPL.


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