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Google resources

Are you keen to access the latest NSW Department of Education endorsed resources to support your digital classroom journey with Google tools? This is your one stop shop for everything Google Workspace!

Start now! Boost your Google Workspace skills in 10 easy steps!

Start here:

  1. Want to get started with Google Workspace tools? Access the 'Learning on demand' site and jump straight to the 'Google' section.
  2. Check out the Getting started with technology page and explore the resources on Google Classroom and Drive.
  3. Become a master of the key applications Google Docs and Google Classroom to give you a solid digital classroom foundation. 
  4. Check out the range of Google Workspace events and webinars on our T4L events page and enrol in one today!
  5. Join the Google Workspace Yammer group to ask any questions and see examples of best practice.

Start here

  1. Begin to plan your school's digital future by using the resources in the Schools Digital Strategy.
  2. The key application to assist with starting your school's digital journey with Google G Suite is Google Classroom, discover the power of this digital learning tool. 
  3. One G Suite tool that is particularly useful to school leaders is Google Forms. Discover its potential as a community and staff surveying tool as well as its power in assessment. 
  4. Additionally there are some DoE specific professional learning resources access the 'Learning on demand' site and jump straight to the 'Google' section.
  5. Join the Google Workspace Yammer Group to ask any questions and see examples of best practice.

Do you want to engage Google Workspace for Teaching and Learning in your classroom?

Start here:

  1. Want to get started with Google Workspace tools and optimise your digital capacity? Access the 'Learning on demand' site and jump straight to the 'Google' section.
  2. Keen to take your classroom activities with technology to the next level? 
    1. First, make sure you are familiar with the key G Suite application Classroom
    2. Next consider how you might use Google Workspace tools to:
      1. Build better presentations with Slides.
      2. Get your students creating websites with Sites.
      3. Brainstorm ideas with Jamboard.
  3. After developing your skills, access these Teaching and learning resources to incorporate G Suite tools directly into your classroom. (Note these resources may require modification)
  4. Next, join the Google Workspace Yammer group to ask any questions and share and see examples of best practice.
  5. Finally, take your skills to the next level and access the Google Teacher Centre, where you can extend your learning and more.

Are you keen to use Google Workspace for admin and management?

Start here:

  1. Want to get started with Google tools with a focus on Productivity? Access the 'Learning on demand' site and jump straight to the 'Google' section.
  2. Key to Google Workspace is the inbuilt collaborative features. Explore how these tools can assist you and your school's admin and management:
    1. Google Sheets a collaborative spreadsheet tool.
    2. Google Forms a way to streamline assessment and feedback.
    3. Google Classroom a whole class admin and management solution.
  3. Join the Google Workspace Yammer group to ask any questions and see examples of best practice.

Do you need help or assistance implementing Google Workspace or Chromebooks in your school?

Start here:

  1. To discover the range of Google Workspace services available in the NSW DoE visit this intranet site. 
  2. If you are keen to implement and manage Chromebooks in your school access this intranet site for tips and tricks to get you started. 
  3. To receive assistance with technology in your school, including help with devices and infrastructure, contact EdConnect to be connected with your local field support team.

Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions from teachers across NSW:

  1. What device can I use to access Google Workspace? Any internet-connected device with an internet browser can access Google Workspace.  The most broadly compatible browser is Google Chrome. If you do not have that installed, then download it here or on managed devices (check with your computer coordinator). There are also Chrome Apps available for iOS and Android devices.
  2. How do I log in to Google Workspace? In the staff portal, select ‘My Learning Tools’, click on Google Workspace (Google Apps for Education). 
  3. My email won't let me in! For all Google Workspace applications use your ‘’ to sign in. This email is only used to sign in. It does not have an ‘email inbox’ attached to it.
  4. How do I get my students to log in to Google Workspace? Students will needto log in to their portal then click on the ‘show more’ in the ‘Learning panel’.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered? Make sure you jump in to Yammer today and ask away. T4L Google Workspace experts are often on patrol!

The T4L Google expert team run regular webinars - check out our events page for upcoming sessions. Recordings are available on the Webinar Recordings page!

Note the T4L Team know this is only a small window in to the available resources for G Suite in the classroom, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back soon as we start to build out this page and add more information, resources and links to build your G Suite journey!