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Google Resources

Are you keen to access the latest information, tips and tricks as well as NSW Department of Education specific resources to support your Digital Classroom journey with G-Suite?

This is your one stop shop for all things G Suite.


To begin here are our top 4 sites to get your G Suite journey started!

  1. To find out exactly which services are offered within the NSW DoE and any technical limitations access this intranet page.
  2. Keen to boost your learning in G Suite, access the 'Learning on Demand' site and jump straight to the 'Google' section.
  3. Don't forget to join the Google G Suite Yammer group to ask any questions and see examples of best practice.
  4. For further generic information, access the Google for Education Teacher Centre


Plus we also want to make sure we have answers to your key are just a few of the FAQs we have heard around the traps!

  • What device can I use to access G Suite? Any internet-connected device with an internet browser can access G-Suite.  The most broadly compatible browser is Google Chrome. If you do not have it installed, then download it here or on managed devices ask your computer coordinator. There are also Chrome Apps available for iOS and Android devices
  • How do I log in to G Suite? In the staff portal, select ‘My Learning Tools’, click on G Suite (Google Apps for Education). 
  • My email won't let me in! For all G Suite applications use your ‘’ to sign in. This email is only used to sign in. It does not have an ‘email inbox’ attached to it.
  • How do I get my students to log in to G Suite? Students will log in to their portal, click on the ‘show more’ in the ‘Learning panel’.


Do you have a question that was not answered? Make sure you jump in to Yammer today and ask away. T4L G Suite experts are often on patrol!


Webinars - The T4L Google expert team run regaular webinars (Check out our events page), but recordings of recent sessions are avaialable below.

28/04 - Recording link: Listen back to the G Suite for Education Q&A

05/05 - Recording link: Listen back to the G Suite for Education Q&A

12/05 - Recording linkListen back to the G Suite for Education Q&A

14/05 - Recording linkListen to the G Suite for Education Q&A

19/05 - Recording linkListen to the G Suite for Education Q&A

21/05 - Recording linkListen to G Suite in the HSIE Classroom

2/06  - Recording linkListen to Google tools for assessment K-2

3/06  - Recording linkListen to Google tools for assessment 3-6

10/06  - Recording linkListen to Google tools in the Languages Classroom


Further Support - School ICT Leaders

If you are leading the integration of G Suite at your schools and would like to touch base with a Google for Education expert, schedule a call here. Please include your name, school, and phone number in the description as well as a brief summary of what you hope to get out of the session!


Note the T4L Team know this is only a small window in to the available resources for G Suite in the classroom, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back soon as we start to build out this page and add more information, resources and links to build your G Suite journey!