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Teaching and Learning Resources

Are you keen to empower your students to work digitally at school? The digital teaching and learning resources below have been created by teachers for teachers to use directly in the classroom. All the resources have been designed to support your digital classroom and can be consumed by an entire class or smaller independent learning groups.

Discover 10 easy to implement NSW Education resources, plus 8 resource banks from across Australia and the globe perfect for your digital classroom.

The Student Filmmaker

This digital course with self-paced video modules with instructions has been especially designed to introduce students to the key skills and concepts of film production.

The Student Podcaster

Watch this series of self-paced modules for teachers and students to help develop skills with capturing, recording, editing and sharing podcasts and media projects.

Everyone’s An Author

An on-demand creative writing program featuring original videos and tips from ten Aussie children’s authors sharing an aspect of storytelling. Complemented by free downloadable learning journals.

Totally Tech

Bring a STEM excursion into the comfort of your classroom covering a range of exciting topics. Join virtual hands-on excursions led by experts to introduce students to key STEM skills through live video.

T4L Kids 

This magazine for kids (Stages 3-4) is a self-guided independent learning resource that provides students with purposeful challenges to engage in digital content creation.

T4L Kids TV

Keen to get your students using some top tech tools and put into practice tips learned from a T4L webinar? Get your students up to speed with these bite-size tech support videos.