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T4L Kids

T4L Kids magazine is a self-guided independent learning resource created by teachers for students. It can be used either in class or as a work from home resource. The magazine aims to provide students with purposeful challenges that engage them in creating content using technology. 

Each issue of T4L Kids magazine includes:

  • a main digital technology design challenge to guide student learning.
  • sample ideas to get students thinking.
  • a step-by-step design process to guide student idea development.
  • demonstrations of key technology tools.
  • ways students can share completed design challenge with their teacher.

Discover the possibilities of podcasting Issue 17 of T4L Kids!

Check, check, one, two – sound ON! Kick off Term 2 by transforming your classroom into a podcasting studio with the help of Issue 17 of T4L Kids, which covers everything you need to know to engage your students in all aspects of creating their own podcasts.

Find out more and read the issue today.

Issue 16 - Choose your own adventure

Whatever your dreams may be the T4L Kids magazine has you covered. In Issue 16 of the T4L Kids magazine, we’ve curated an easy-to-follow guide on how to challenge kids to take on a range of digital challenges, from creating digital art, becoming a filmmaker or even designing your own app! 

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Issue 15 - Build your own business

In this issue we hear from four real-life examples of kids who have set up their own businesses. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to turn creative business dreams into real life business plans. Plan your lessons with the help of our comprehensive teachers’ notes that are linked to the curriculum for even more ideas!

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Issue 14 - Design an airport of the future in Minecraft

This fantastic new edition gets students to develop and design a new airport, based on the new Western Sydney International Airport. Suited to Minecraft users both experienced and new, this comprehensive resource features step-by-step video resource, design brief and more. 

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Issue 13 - Food and farming

Invites students to solve the future of farming with tech! Is it possible to grow vegetables with less land and more air? What can we learn from our First Nations farmers? With four exciting challenges to get students creating and innovating, Issue 13 is perfect for the Stage 2-3.

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