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T4L Kids

T4L Kids magazine is a self-guided independent learning resource created by teachers for students. It can be used either in class or as a work from home resource. The magazine aims to provide students with purposeful challenges that engage them in creating content using technology. 

Each issue of T4L Kids magazine includes:

  • a main digital technology design challenge to guide student learning.
  • sample ideas to get students thinking.
  • a step-by-step design process to guide student idea development.
  • demonstrations of key technology tools.
  • ways students can share completed design challenge with their teacher.

Read issue 13 of T4L Kids!

Issue 13 of T4L Kids invites students to solve the future of farming with tech! Is it possible to grow vegetables with less land and more air? Could you start a school garden? What can we learn from our First Nations farmers?

Featuring fascinating interviews with an agrirobot inventor to investigate how robotics is changing the landscape of farming, as well as chef Kylie Kwong. With four exciting challenges to get students creating and innovating, Issue 13 is perfect for the Stage 2-3 classroom. Students will explore key concepts in Science, Technologies, Geography, HSIE, English, Mathematics and more.

Teachers - check out the teacher notes for more ideas to use the magazine, with plenty of cross-curricular tech challenges and activities for your classroom. 

Issue 12 - T4L Kids has gone sports mad!

Meet our cover star Madison de Rozario, Paralympic gold medalist, and explore the technology behind her legendary performances. Take the challenge to improve your fitness or performance, build a fitness app, learn how to call a match or set up an esports club!

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Issue 11 - T4L loves animals!

Meet our cover star, Matilda the therapy dog, and go behind the scenes for a day in her busy working life at a Sydney school. There are three exciting challenges for students who are keen to explore animals, raise awareness of an animal issue or boost their next animal project! 

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Issue 10 - Take the transport app challenge!

Could your students design and build an app that makes transport easy for all? In this issue, students can take the challenge to develop an app for a real-life client like Transport for NSW. With guided student resources, they’ll have everything they need for their app adventure.

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Issue 9 - The influencer edition

We live in a world of influencers! In this issue, you’ll meet a group of student influencers called the DOVES and hear about their plans for action. Are your students passionate about an issue in your community? You’ll find all the exciting tech to empower their voice.

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Issue 8 - Connecting with community

Create a digital Acknowledgement of Country for your school community with this issue of T4L Kids. With award-winning Gunai author, poet and teacher Kirli Saunders as your guide, you’ll be inspired to produce a recording, an animation or even an audio file to share with your community.

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Issue 7  - Amazing apps powerful prototypes

Build future skills and embark on a prototyping and app design adventure! Complete an Hour of Code and download and complete the certificate. This hands-on resource is suited to Stages 3-4 and can be used in the classroom or independently by students.

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Issue 6 - The dynamic data issue

Delve into the world of data and explore how it can be used to create a story. Whether you’re creating a factual information report or want to prepare an infographic to highlight important facts and figures, this issue will get students data-mining!

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Issue 5 - Classroom in the cloud

Get on board with learning in the cloud! This issue contains six creative ICT and STEM activities across KLAs with guided step-by-step resources that students can complete from anywhere. There are also options for students to work either online or offline.

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Issue 4 - Minecraft edition

Design or imagine a public space using the power of Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE) in our special Minecraft edition. Explore a range of tutorials and guided challenges to harness the power of M:EE to reimagine or design a public space. 

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Issue 3 - The science edition

The Science Issue challenges students to tackle an environmental task in their community with guided activities. This issue is all about saving the earth with scientific enquiry and how tech can quantify findings, inspire change and how students can use data to support this movement.

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Issue 2 - Science fiction edition

This issue is all about designing in 3D across a range of tools and platforms including Minecraft: Education Edition, SketchUp, TinkerCad, Blender and Paint3D. A great independent learning or classroom resource. Teachers - check out this advice if using a 3D printer.

Issue 1 - Game design edition

Budding video game designers can expand their knowledge with this guided resource. This issue gets students developing apps and designing in 2D and 3D as well as exploring a range of tools and platforms. Teachers - check out the teacher notes for more ideas.