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Transcript of the 'Canva Single Sign-on - for students' video

This is the transcript for 'Canva Single Sign-on - for students' video.

Speaker 1:

Canva single sign-on is now also available for students, and this one-click access makes it really easy for them to find their work in Canva. What we're looking at here is a sample student dashboard in the portal, and we can see the apps they've got up here on their launch pad. What we're going to do, however, is jump down to this banner, department learning, and click directly on Canva for Education. It will bring up their Canva dashboard. We can see up here the student's identity: LS. And we can see up here on the top left that, yes, they're a part of Palm Tree Central School, so they've automatically been added to their school.

Here is the template of work that we've shared with them for the year four eco Project At Home with Energy. So, in this instance, they've given us the feedback. We've reviewed their work. And we've then submitted feedback back to them. Students will be notified by clicking up here on the little bell. We can see that this is the messaging that students will get on any work that we've provided back to them. So here we can see that the teacher did approve their design and that it was reviewed by the teacher. So, this was just a quick overview of how simple it is now for students using the one-click access on Canva for Education on the portal find and jump aboard the Canva work that you've set for them.

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