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Transcript of the 'How to access Canva - for students' video

This is the transcript for 'How to access Canva - for students' video.

Are you keen to get making and creating with Canva for education? Perhaps you want to create a flyer, an infographic or a presentation. Well, the first step is to be invited by your teacher. You might receive the link through either Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or maybe even email. But the process is the same. For this demonstration, we're going to assume you get the link in your email.

The first step is to log into your student portal. And then click on email where you'll see an email from Canva, where your teacher has invited you to join the class. Click the link, and then you'll be prompted to sign up with email. Make sure you click that button. It's important. Then you'll notice your email has been auto-populated. From there, simply enter your name. And then make sure you choose a really great password, so nobody can guess it and get into your account. Then click get started. It's free.

The next thing, you'll receive an email with a passcode. Jump back into your email via your portal, and you'll see a passcode will appear almost instantaneously. And make sure you check your junk. It might have gone in there by accident. Once you've got that code, enter it in and simply click done. And guess what? You're transported directly to the Canva service. Once you're inside there, the whole world is your oyster.

You'll notice your teacher's class in the bottom left hand corner. Plus loads and loads of great resources which have been pre-selected. I like the for you section, which has got loads of educational content. In this example, I clicked on educational infographic and I've got loads of templates to choose from that I can simply click to access. This procedures checklist is a great one to begin. And don't forget, when you're done with your presentation, click send to teacher, write them a brief message and then click on send. It's that simple. Have a blast.

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