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Transcript of the 'Share and export in Google Jamboard' video.

This is the transcript for 'Share and export in Google Jamboard' video.

Hi! In this video, we'll learn how to share and export your jam. While you can do a lot in Jamboard on your own, the real magic happens when you work with others. After all, the whole point of a collaborative whiteboard is to collaborate, right? Inviting others to share the Jamboard is the same as sharing any other Google file, such as Google Docs or Google Slides. Just click the share button, choose who you want to share with and start working together. As you work with other people, you'll see them drawing and adding sticky notes and images in your jam, it's a great way to brainstorm and create ideas together.

But what about when you're all done and you want to export the final frames out to save them or even hand them into the teacher? You can do this using the three dots menu up here next to the share button. To export out a single frame, use the save frame as image option. But if you want the whole Jamboard file and all the frames, you can use the download as PDF option to save the entire jam to your computer. So there you go. That's the last video in this series to help you get to know how to use Google Jamboard and all the cool stuff you can do with it. Of course, just knowing how it works is only half the story, now you just need to put all these skills into practical use. I hope you use your new skills to do amazing things with Google Jamboard.

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