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Transcript of the 'How to create logos in Adobe Express' video

This is the transcript for 'How to create logos in Adobe Express' video.

In this video, we're going to create a logo from scratch using Adobe Creative Cloud Express. From your student portal click on Adobe Creative Cloud. Then, use your student credentials to log in under the email address tab. On the landing page, click on Creative Cloud Express on the left-hand side. You can now create a new project. Click on the cross in the purple circle and select custom size graphic. You can select popular and square. Next, click on the workspace to change the colour of your background. Use the toolbar on the right-hand side to select the colour that you want.

Next, select a shape to form the background of your logo. In basic shapes, you can hit more to reveal more other shapes that you can use. Click on the shape you want to choose, and it will appear on the background. By clicking on the shape, you can use the draw bars to adjust the size of the shape. To change the line thickness, use the toolbar on the right-hand side. You can also change the colour of the shape and the lines in this toolbar. You can now add text by clicking on the text icon on the left-hand side. It will reveal a range of pre-made texts that you can insert in.

Scroll down to reveal the rest of these. You can also add your own text by clicking add your text. You can drag the text box into place and rotate it. Click on the text box on the right-hand side and change the wording to that you want. You can then use the draw bars on the text box to extend and resize. You can adjust the font colour on the right-hand side. Here you can also adjust the style of font. You can adjust the size of the font by dragging the draw bars on the text box, and then repositioning the text.

You can also add features to the text, such as shadow. Click on the shadow button on the right-hand side, and you can change the colour of the shadow of the text. You can also change the angle and the thickness of the shadow. If you don't like the colour of your shape after putting the text in, click on the colour tab on the right-hand side after clicking on the shape and reselect the colour. You can also add design elements to your logo. On the left-hand side, click on design assets. This will give you a range of features to enhance your design.

In this example, we're going to add some confetti to the background. Click on the design asset that we want, and then resize it to fit the background. You can then use the layers function to drag the layer into place. Our logo is now complete. Click on the share icon, and you can share your design with others via email. You can also copy a link in this area. You can download your design in either a PNG file, a JPEG, or a PDF file. You can also click the share button and publish to push it out to a range of applications. This includes Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. So, get creating with your logos in Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

[End of transcript]