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Transcript of the 'How to make infographics with Canva' video

This is the transcript for 'How to make infographics with Canva' video.

Infographics are an amazing way to create and visually communicate using Canva. The biggest benefit is that a project using infographics is not limited to one subject. It can be about absolutely anything. From Canva's homepage, search for an educational infographic and start a new blank design. This will bring you to the editor. From the Templates tab, select a template that best fits your topic or layout. Drag and drop to add it to your page. Start adding your content to your design. Double click to edit text and select any element to customise in the toolbar above. Here, you can change styles like fonts and colours. Your visual style should match your topic and not distract from what you are sharing.

To add some additional points of focus, click on an element and select Animate. This can also be done to entire documents. As you can see, infographics are a visually compelling way to share your ideas and research quickly. Foster learn with engaging and simple communication that's easy to design in Canva.

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