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Transcript of the 'What is Google Jamboard?' video.

This is the transcript for 'What is Google Jamboard?' video.

Hi. In this series of short videos, you'll learn about Google Jamboard. You'll discover what it is, what it can do, and how to use it. Each video will explore a different part of Jamboard. Watch them all to become a real expert. In this first video, we'll look at what Jamboard is and the basics of how you can use it.

So what is Jamboard? Well, it's a shared space where students and teachers can draw, sketch, add notes, and collaborate together. It's a great tool to gather ideas and to think together with your classmates. Think of Jamboard as a digital whiteboard that you can use on your computer. You can do all the usual things that you do on a whiteboard like sketch and draw, but you can also add images, shapes, and sticky notes. The best part is that you can do it together in real time. So whether you're together in the classroom or learning from somewhere else, it works pretty much the same way.

Each individual board in a Jamboard is called a frame, and you can have up to 20 frames. To move between frames, you can use these little arrows to go left or right. If you try to move to a new frame and there isn't one, it'll be created for you. Clicking on the frame icon will open up the frame browser where you can use the blue plus signs to insert a new frame or drag existing frames to a different location. Easy. When you're done, just collapse the frame bar to the top of the page again.

So now you know what a Jamboard is and how to get around inside one. Move onto the next video to learn more.

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