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Transcript of the 'CleverTouch M - Operating the panel' video

This is the transcript of the 'CleverTouch M - Operating the panel' video


Operating the Clevertouch interactive panel is easy to do with either the onscreen controls or the remote control. On the front of the panel, there is a power button to turn your Clevertouch on and activate sleep mode. It is important to note there are two other main power switches, one located under the panel near the middle, and the other at the rear of the panel. The side bar menu can be easily accessed from either side of the panel by tapping the white arrows. This allows you to quickly access features such as locking the screen, the Clevertouch native white boarding tool, and other tools and apps. More menu settings can be found on the screen by swiping up from the bottom of the display or tapping the up arrow.

Here you can select the desired input source and adjust audio and screen brightness. The three dots or ellipses will take you to additional panel settings. The floating pencil icon appears when using the Mini PC or a connected device and provides access to key menu functions and tools. The home button, which takes you back to the Android OS home screen, input to open or close the input or source list and display controls, white boarding and annotation overlay tools, and the spanner icon, which opens some useful classroom tools, including a spotlight and a timer.

When using the remote control, you'll find it has many functions that are similar to the onscreen controls. Some additional functions include the mute button, which will silence the speakers. The button with the white square icon will turn the screen blank. The blue button will freeze your current display, allowing you to perform other actions or tasks on your connected device without your class or audience viewing. And the other colored buttons will disable or lock the touch functionality. Make sure you keep your remote in a handy place for easy access in the future.

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