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Transcript of the 'MiniPC - Management tips' video

This is the transcript of the 'MiniPC - Management tips' video.


The mini PC on your MLD should be set up using the eT4L Windows Operating System. It comes pre-installed with all software titles that are found on the base eT4L image. Additional software titles can be deployed to the mini PC, which may be specific to your subject area or stage. Speak to the member of staff responsible for managing software to action this request. A useful tip is to set either Google Chrome or Edge Chromium as the default browser. This will set either browser as your default whenever you click on an email link or a hyperlinked document. If you are experiencing issues with sound, you may need to check if the sound is muted or turned up on the task bar. You may need to check the volume level set on the MLD, as well.

At the end of the day, make sure you turn off your MLD and your mini PC. This allows for Windows updates to be applied in the background, if they're required, to keep your device running optimally. As the MLD is a large display located in view of potentially many people, it is useful to consider what applications are open on the MLD, as they may contain sensitive information. It is a good idea to lock or log off your device when you leave your room at the end of a lesson. To simply lock the device, press the Windows logo and the L button together on your keyboard. Alternatively, press the Windows Start icon, click the user account icon and select lock. Remember, to never share your password with another member of staff or student.

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