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Transcript of the 'TouchBoard V3 - Interactivity and digital inking' video

This is the transcript of the 'TouchBoard V3 - Interactivity and digital inking' video


The TouchBoard Interactive Panel has a range of built-in applications that can be used in the classroom. In addition, the MLD is also provided with a department imaged Mini PC, so you can access familiar Windows and web-based applications. In this video, we'll look at the interactive functionality and native digital inking tools available on the TouchBoard MLD. You can access the TouchBoard's whiteboarding tool from the home screen. The TouchBoard comes with two stylus pens. These are magnetic and can be stored at the back of the panel. The two stylus pens can be used simultaneously to allow staff and students to work collaboratively, for example, during a brainstorming activity. You can also use your finger to operate the touch features. However, you may find the stylus easier to use or more accurate when writing. When using the whiteboarding tool, you can use your fist or the palm of your hand as an eraser rather than selecting it from the drawing toolbar. To annotate on the top of the connected device or Mini PC, you can access the digital inking tools using the sidebar menu and selecting the pencil icon.

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