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Transcript of the 'CleverTouch M - Connecting devices using HDMI' video

This is the transcript of the 'Clevertouch M - Connecting devices using HDMI' video


Connecting a range of devices to the Clevertouch is easy using the front input panel. Simply connect your device using the provided HDMI cable or an adapter if required by your device. When you connect a device, the MLD should automatically switch to the connected input source. If it doesn't, you can then manually select HDMI4 using the onscreen menu. If your HDMI connected device supports adding a touch USB, you can add this as well using the square shaped USB port located at the front of the Clevertouch.

The MLD does not require calibration. However, you should check that the touch USB cable is connected and undamaged if you experience any touch functionality issues when using the connected device. You can now see and interact with the content displayed on your MLD from your personal device.

[End of transcript]

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