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Transcript of the 'Smart MX V2 - Operating the panel' video

This is the transcript of the 'Smart MX V2 - Operating the panel' video


Operating the Smart MX Interactive Panel is easy to do with the quick access buttons on the front and the onscreen controls. The control panel on the front of the board has a power button to turn the board on and off. There is an additional power switch located on the back. The home button will bring up the home screen. The homepage provides links to the input panel and other applications. The input source button will bring up the settings menu on the screen, allowing you to see different device inputs for the MLD. Next is the screen shade icon to blank the screen. This is helpful to quickly hide content on the screen while the teacher may be explaining a particular concept, removing the need to turn the panel off.

Next is the pause button to freeze the screen and activate the onscreen annotation tools. The ability to freeze the screen is useful if the teacher needs to access different content on their connected laptop while students are viewing a variety of different things like images or websites on the MLD. The volume plus or minus buttons will control the volume of the MLD speakers. To access the onscreen menus, press the home button. Here you can access additional settings, native white boarding applications, and the input list.

On the left-hand side of the screen you'll see an icon with four squares to access classroom widgets including a clock, dice, a spinner, and timer. At the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to access the main settings menu as well as input menu. Both of these options allow you to access all the system settings and controls for the smart MX panel. The remote control also has many of the same functions that have been mentioned. Do not forget to keep your remote in a safe place.

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