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Transcript of the 'Using the Logitech Meetup web camera' video

This is the transcript of the 'Using the Logitech Meetup web camera' video


The MLD now comes equipped with a webcam that operates through the mini PC. It is connected using a USB connection. Some MLDs may be equipped with the Logitech Meetup web camera. It is the larger of the two web cameras and has external speakers and a moveable camera lens. The Meetup is a web camera that is useful in larger video conferencing scenarios, large classrooms, staff meetings, or perhaps where there are multiple speakers such as in an online debating competition between schools. When you use the Meetup web camera with video conferencing software, it should automatically detect the camera input.

Sometimes you may need to manually select the camera from within the application. The Meetup can be modified to stream in a variety of resolutions, and this might be useful depending on the bandwidth. In the Department of Education there are a variety of video conferencing software packages that are supported such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. These can be operated using the MLD's mini PC.

The Logitech Meetup conference camera also has a handy remote to adjust the zoom and positioning of the camera. Don't forget to label the remote and keep it in a handy location for easy access.

You know when the Meetup camera is activated as the indicator light will be white. The Meetup has a moveable lens, which is controlled by a remote control. This allows the board to remain in position, with the camera angle and zoom to change. This will be handy when engaging in a video conference and the host wants to focus in on a particular person who is speaking.

The built-in microphone, picks up sound from a wide angle and it's optimised to work within a range of up to four meters. However, we have found it's capable of capturing sound from even further away. Be aware of this when participating in video conferences and it is best practice to mute when not speaking. The microphone being on mute is indicated by a red light. This can be activated using the Meetup remote control or by using the wireless keyboard mouse and clicking on the applications mute button.

The video conferencing application will most likely detect the Meetup microphone. However, you can manually change the sound input device from within the application of required.

The Meetup also comes with additional speakers, which can be used instead of the MLD speakers. If you wish to use the Meetup speakers, adjust the settings on the mini PC or video conferencing application to output to the Logitech Meetup device. You can also control the volume from the speakers using the remote control. The remote should already be paired with the camera.

There are also additional useful buttons on the remote to help get the most out of your video conference. You can use the large navigation circle to pan and tilt the camera. The home button returns the camera to its original centred position. You also can pre-set some positions on the Meetup camera using the remote. This allows for quick panning and tilting and zooming. It might be handy to mark these locations in your classroom. You can also use the remote control to end the call instead of using the application to leave.

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