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Transcript of the 'Using the Brio web camera' video

This is the transcript of the 'Using the Brio web camera' video


Your new MLD will be equipped with a webcam that is connected to the mini PC via a USB connection. It is easy to distinguish the Brio web camera when compared to the larger MeetUp webcam that is also available on some MLD configurations. The Logitech Brio web camera is capable of resolution settings between 720 and up to 4K, making it useful in most classroom video conferencing scenarios, especially where participants are close to the MLD. For example, participating in virtual incursion or an online tutorial.

When you use the Brio web camera with video conferencing software, it should automatically detect the camera input. Sometimes you may need to manually select the camera from within the application. In the Department of Education, there is a variety of video conferencing software packages that are supported such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. These can be run using the MLD's mini PC.

The Brio webcam has a built-in microphone that picks up sound best when the person speaking is located directly in front of the webcam microphone. It is designed to work optimally within a one meter range. This is useful to keep in mind if there are people speaking from different positions around the room. It is best practice to enable the mute function when not speaking. And this can be done from within the video conferencing application. Don't forget you can do this using the wireless keyboard and mouse too.

To improve the video capture, the Brio allows for a small amount of physical adjustment. Tilting the camera down is especially useful if students are seated close to the panel. The height adjustment on the MLD can also be used to improve the video capture. When using the Brio webcam, sound will be played through the MLD speakers, or it can be changed to an output of your choosing using the application software. It is useful to remember to adjust the sound on the mini PC and the MLD for optimum sound in the classroom.

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