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Transcript of the 'MiniPC - Digital inking tools' video

This is the transcript of the 'MiniPC - Digital inking tools' video


When you are teaching, you will find the digital inking tools useful to enhance the learning environment. The mini PC can be controlled by either using your finger or the MLD pens to select and click various items on the screen. The pen and finger touch act as a mouse. A single tap or touch will select an item. A double touch or tap will open a file or application. And if you tap and hold with the pen or finger, it will activate the right click menu. A useful feature in the classroom is the Windows Inking application. In the taskbar, click on the pen icon. Selecting Fullscreen Snip takes a picture of the current visible desktop.

It allows the user to use the pen tools to draw on the image or you can open the Whiteboard app that is associated with the Microsoft 365 account, which makes it easy to revisit your whiteboards. From here, you can use the pens included or your finger to draw on the whiteboard. This may be useful in classroom settings when wanting to highlight pieces of text, objects on a map, or annotating an image. Google Jamboard is another whiteboarding tool, which is a browser-based application, and can be utilised with your MLD. Start inking on the Jamboard, or copy a picture into the background.

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