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Transcript of the 'CommBox - Operating the panel' video

This is the transcript of the 'CommBox - Operating the panel' video.


Operating the CommBox Interactive Classic is easy to do with the quick access buttons on the front, the onscreen controls, or the remote control. The control panel on the front of the board has a power button to turn the board on and off. There is also an additional power switch underneath. The home button will bring up the home screen. The home page provides links to the input panel, and other key applications. The back arrow is useful to return from the most recent connection, back to the home screen. The cog icon will bring up the settings menu on the screen. We will look at this in more detail shortly. The speaker icons will control the volume of the MLD speakers.

On the remote control, you'll find many of these same functions as on the front panel. Some additional functions include the source button to open or close the input list, extra navigation keys to move through the onscreen menus, and OK to confirm an action. The three line icon will bring up or hide the main menu, allowing you to adjust specific menu settings. The pencil icon will bring up the onboard whiteboarding tool, with the camera icon allowing you to take a screenshot. The mute button will allow you to silence the speakers. Don't forget to make sure you keep the remote in a handy place for you to access.

The sidebar menu can be accessed easily from either side of the panel, by pressing the arrow icon. This allows you to quickly access the settings, where you can bring up the sub menu pages, including image controls, network, and other key system settings. You also have a shortcut to the source input, the small tools, which has key classroom applications. There is an application management menu. You can return to the home page, and there is also the back button, and the pencil icon that will allow you to annotate over the top of the display screen. A long press with two fingers will open up the popup menu that enables more functions.

[End of transcript]

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