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Transcript of the 'Using the wireless keyboard and mouse' video

This is the transcript of the 'Using the wireless keyboard and mouse' video


Your new MLD comes with a mini PC. A wireless keyboard and mouse is connected to the mini PC via a USB receiver. The receiver for the keyboard and mouse is located on the top of the panel. It is located in this position to assist with the range the keyboard and mouse can have in the room. The general working range is up to 10 meters. This wireless connectivity allows for greater movement and flexibility during lessons, without needing to return to the MLD to navigate the display.

It is important to note that the keyboard and mouse are designated to work only with a specific receiver that is plugged in to your MLD. We recommend labeling the mini PC, keyboard, mouse and receiver with the exact same identifying label. This can be done easily by using a label maker. A useful numbering system would be the AMS location of the MLD. For example, AR1003, which means building A, level 1, room 1003. This will assist with keeping track of your keyboard and mouse with the correct receiver and ensure they don't become mixed up.

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