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Transcript of the 'Moving the MLD' video

This is the transcript of the 'Moving the MLD' video


With the MLD trolley, it is important to consider these key points to ensure the device is moved and positioned safely in your learning space. The first step is to bring the board down to its lowest setting using the controls located on the board. This lowers the center of gravity and ensures the board is more stable when moving from one location to another. Make sure the mini PC and the panel are powered off. Then turn power off at the power point and ensure all cables are unplugged and stored out of the way.

You'll need to unlock the wheels before moving it. You can use your foot to release the locking mechanism. This is the unlocked position. When moving the MLD, it is best practice to have two adults to guide the board and trolley. Once the MLD is in position, make sure you lock the wheels into place. Simply use your foot to engage the lock. This is the locked position.

Plug in your cables, making sure to minimise any trip hazard, then turn on the power at the power point. Check to ensure that there are no obstructions before raising the screen into place. You are able to position the board at the height most appropriate for the user or classroom situation. Now your MLD is in place and ready to use.

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