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Transcript of the 'MiniPC - Key features' video

This is the transcript of the 'MiniPC - Key features' video


The Mini PC that is attached to the back of the MLD has a number of physical connections which should already be connected, some of which to the MLD. The Mini PC has been connected using an HDMI and USB connection for the MLD, and a USB connection is used for the webcam. There is also a wireless receiver for the keyboard and mouse connected to the Mini PC via a USB. The Mini PC is able to recognize any USB devices that are plugged into the MLD's front ports. The Mini PC has a wireless connection built into it to access the internet and Wi-Fi. An ethernet cable is also provided and can be connected if required.

When you want to use your MLD in a lesson, make sure you follow the steps as shown. Either using the remote given for the MLD or the button on the front of the panel, turn on the MLD. Next, turn on the Mini PC. You may need to select the Mini PC input from one of the menu options. You will know the device is ready to log in when this screen appears. Use the wireless keyboard and mouse to log in using your full DOE credentials.

It is always best practice to use the wireless keyboard and mouse to enter any credentials as it prevents others from viewing your information, which may be possible if using the onscreen keyboard, which has been disabled on the log in screen. The Mini PC will proceed to log in. Usually it takes a little while to log in if this is the first time you've used this particular device. It is setting up your user profile. All following logins should proceed faster. The Mini PC is ready to use when you see the white writing appear on the right hand side of the screen.

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