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Transcript of the 'TeamBoard TM - Key features' video

This is the transcript of the 'TeamBoard TM - Key features' video


The TeamBoard Main Learning Display or MLD is designed to enhance your learning environment. The large 4K touch screen with toughened glass and an anti-glare coating can be seen from nearly any position in the classroom. Two speakers ensure that everyone can hear even at the back of the room. The connected Mini PC means that you'll always have a Department of Education imaged Windows device accessible on your MLD. On the front of the panel, there is a power button in the center and on this side, there are a variety of different inputs. The HDMI can be used to display content from your laptop or tablet using a HDMI cord. The additional touch USB port enables your laptop to be controlled by the MLD. If required, there are additional HDMI and a variety of other ports located on the back of the TeamBoard panel. The interactive panel allows users to collaborate and annotate on the screen using the supplied stylus and supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing multiple users to collaborate at the same time.

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