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The Virtual Staffroom - Podcast

Subscribe to the Virtual Staffroom today on your favourite podcast platform for your fortnightly dose of tech! Join T4L’s podcast crew of Joachim, Linda and Yvette as they interview special industry guests, unpack great new resources for teachers and discuss the latest in edtech. The Virtual Staffroom is fun, fresh and thought-provoking - find all our episodes below or find us on your podcast platform of choice. 


Episode 27: The future of tech ft Trevor Long

T4L gets a dose of future shock when they’re joined by leading tech podcaster and broadcaster, Trevor Long. Trevor reviews his picks for top tech in 2021 and then casts an eye to the future to make some bold predictions. Join Joe, Linda and Yvette as they discuss how tech will intersect with education even further in the year to come and strap in for a ride through the latest Edtech resources from the crew.


Episode 26: The modern writer’s toolbox – with bestselling author Heather Morris

Does the image of a #1 New York Times bestselling author conjure up a large mahogany desk, sheafs of paper and a glowing laptop? In reality, the life of a busy bestselling, world-famous author is one equipped for writing on the run, gathering ideas and chapters between virtual meet and greets with readers, editors and publishers. Meet Heather Morris, the Australian author of the Tattooist of Auschwitz, and hear about how she works, what tech infuses her creative life and get a snapshot into the toolbox of the modern storyteller. Plus, the team discusses new resources and more for your classrooms.


Episode 25: the data detective

Ever thought about how the power of online data can positively impact the world? The team chats with data ‘detective’ Chris Poulter from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Combine about how online research and deep data builds intelligence with the power to change the world for the better. Complementing this conversation, the team also unpacks the power of the Cybermarvel campaign, a month-long cyber safety campaign brought you by the department. Also featured is the team’s regular round-up of resources to empower you and your students.


Episode 24: Unpacking the power of Esports in the classroom

Did you know that Esports is one of the biggest sports in the world with its own teams, arenas, stars and infrastructure? In Episode 24, T4L explores the huge appeal of Esports among students and tackles some of the questions around its place in the curriculum and school. Join the crew as they chat with Laylah Bulman from Minecraft: Education Edition who brings her perspective as an Esports expert, principal and parent to the forum. Plus, Yvette, Linda and Joe also round up their favourite resources to get your students collaborating.


Episode 23: the future of mobility

The T4L teams pulls out the crystal ball in this episode as they explore the future of transport, roads and mobility with Amelia Johns – NRMA's Electric Vehicle (EV) Division Manager. Join Joe, Yvette and Linda for a forward-thinking discussion on electric vehicles in Australia and what the impact will be on roads, drivers and careers of the future. Plus, the team talks about all the resources you need for Science Week and beyond. 


Episode 22 – Creating with Canva

Everyone knows Canva, but did you know the story behind it has a very special education link? T4L is joined by Canva co-founder Cameron Adams, who shares the story of Canva and their vision of putting the power of design in the hands of many – including teachers. Cameron gives us an insight into this powerhouse Australian tech company and how technology can democratise digital production. Plus, Joe, Yvette and Linda tell you how students, teachers and staff in the NSW Department of Education can get access to Canva for Education right now. 


Episode 21 - Digital + Mindfulness – Not such an unusual recipe

In this final instalment of a three-part series focused on teaching and learning online, the team speak with Mary Morrison, Education Wellbeing Lead from Smiling Mind to learn more about their digital tools and resources that could help you, your students and your school community through these tumultuous times. From self-care packs to making the most of the Smiling Mind App plus loads of top tips and routines, this episode is packed with goodness.


Episode 20 - Cloud normal – A day with a digital dynamo

In part two of a three-part series on teaching and learning online, the team get down on the ground and speak with Virginia Cluff, Head Teacher Science from Aurora College, NSW’s Online Selective High School for whom the digital classroom is just part of her daily jam! We explore the teacher’s journey, the role of stage and faculty leaders and also unearth some gems of gold to make your digital classroom shine.

Information in using live video with students


Episode 19 - The Evidence – What works when teaching online? - Zhi Soon - AITSL

The first in a three-part series focused on teaching and learning online, the team speak with Zhi Soon General Manager of Evidence and Impact at the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership to discover what the evidence says about online learning. From questions to ask yourself when planning, finding a screen time balance and examples of best practice, this episode is packed with intel and insights. Plus the team share some left of centre online learning resources!

Information in using live video with students


Episode 18 - Resilience and rising from the ashes – guest Kathy Powzun

Following on from the recent Bushfire Relief Phoenix Conference for NSW DoE schools affected by bushfires, floods and other events, T4L has created a special edition podcast focusing on resilience, school leadership and how schools can build back better. Our special guest is Kathy Powzun, Executive Director of the Bushfire Relief Strategy and she shares her insights and knowledge on how resilience and sharing of stories can help support schools rebuild physically and mentally. We also catch up with other very special guests from the conference on this important episode of the Virtual Staffroom.

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