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Beginning teacher event

Teacher and students working on laptops

Denham Court Public School

Join the Digital Support Team for an interactive face-to-face PL session.

Looking for a technology kick start?

A tailored event for beginning teachers, showcasing walkthroughs of essential tools to aid in classroom organisation and promote student engagement.

Organisational tools and strategies

  • Email and document organisation: Streamlining communication through the use of flagging and folders in Outlook and utilising OneDrive and Google Drive for efficient document management.
  • Enhancing digital workspaces: Identifying key portal essentials and simplifying digital navigation through hyperlinking documents.

Enhancing classroom productivity and engagement

  • Digital assignments and tools: Using Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams for setting assignments and incorporating interactive tools like Google quiz videos and Canva for dynamic learning experiences.
  • Creative and collaborative learning: Integrating Microsoft Whiteboard and MakeCode for collaborative projects and designing a "Choose your own adventure" in Google Slides for creative engagement.