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Be Cyber Marvellous Challenge Winners

Thank you to our amazing students and teachers who submitted so many entries to the Be Cyber Marvellous Challenge!  We are impressed with the quality of work and effort put in by the students and they seem to have learn a lot about online safety.

Congratulations to these four schools for their outstanding student entries:

  • Bellevue Hill Public School
  • Blaxcell St Public School, Granville
  • Dee Why Public School
  • St Johns Park Public School

Their cyber marvellous students have won a free 1-year subscription to Grok Academy’s online teacher and student cyber resources for their school.  They have also won a Cyber Pack for their school, containing classroom posters, a pack of online safety cards and a cipher wheel.

Top 5 entries

1. Threats I met
Video showing stranger danger online, Bellevue Public School

2. Casey, Tim and Jess
Video on hackers using your personal info, strong passwords and scams, Blaxcell St Public School

3. Safety online
Poster with advice on privacy, online sharing, passwords, scams and phishing, encryption, Blaxcell St Public School

4. Matt learnt a lesson
Play script about using stronger passwords that you don’t share, even with friends, Dee Why Public School

5. Sharing photos and personal information online
Video on how to secure your information and ask permission when sharing online - St Johns Park Public School

Thank you to all the wonderful students who took part in the Be Cyber Marvellous Challenge - you did an amazing job teaching us about how to stay safe online.

About the Cybermarvel program

The Cybermarvel program aims to build online safety awareness in primary school students, staff and families. It is a collaborative initiative of the NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC, SA and NT education departments and will:

  • actively build staff and students’ cyber safety awareness and skills
  • inform parents and carers on how to keep their families safe online.
  • encourage safe online behaviour and experiences

We have worked with the eSafety Commissioner, Grok Academy, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Phriendly Phishing, Palo Alto Networks and Ollie Online to collate a range of resources for teachers, students and parents.

The Cybermarvel program takes direction from the eSafety Commissioner’s Best Practice Framework