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Where to next?

Where to next? Stories and Reflections of a Digital Term 2

The Technology 4 Learning team are launching a thought-provoking video to help you and your school continue to build your digital foundation! We want to celebrate the amazing work teachers, students and school communities have done adopting and implementing technology over the last term. 

We want to help you:

  • Celebrate and reflect on your successes 
  • Inspire you to consider the next stage on your journey 
  • Empower you with the tools to plan and implement for the future

These resources use real stories from teachers, students and leaders in NSW public schools and are being released at the start of Term 3 to help you and your team celebrate, reflect and to plan for tomorrow.

Use these resources in conjunction with:

  • Staff Development Day Term 3 as a reflective tool for the day (allow 14 minutes to view plus reflection time).  
  • Creating your personal Professional Development Plan.

Resources come complete with school reflection questions, professional learning links as well as inspirational and thought-provoking multimedia content.

Questions to aid your reflection:

Stage 1 – Celebration of your digital journey

  • What did learning look like?
  • How did you up-skill and build a digital foundation?

Stage 2 – Reflection on your digital foundation

  • What was better digitally (what was optimised by the digital) 
  • What made it better digitally?
  • What new skills did you and your colleagues learn?

Stage 3 – Empowering digital optimisation

  • How will you continue to build your digital maturity?
  • What more learning do you want to do?

 Resources to empower your journey:

  • On Demand Professional Learning – Have you identified a need to boost you and your teams’ skills with particular technology tools? These professional learning resources are available on demand. Build you and your teams' skills with Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms, as well as other tools like Adobe Connect.
  • magazine.T4L – With more than nine issues already in the archive, there is a library of information, links and tools for beginner and interimediate levels. Read it for inspiration to build you and your schools’ digital journey. 
  • T4L Professional Learning Resources Pages – In one spot you and your team have all the information on NSW DoE technology tools at your fingertips. Check out our resources on Google, Microsoft, Apple, Zoom and more! 
  • T4L Teaching and Learning Resources - Technology infused resources for direct implemetation in the classroom. Explore Everyone's an Author, The Student Filmmaker, T4L Kids and the new T4L Kids TV.
  • Digital Learning Selector (DLS) – This tool helps integrate ICT in your teaching practice. Discover teaching and learning activities and support on how to use them in your class.   


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