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T4L Kids

T4L kids magazine is a self-guided independent learning resource created by teachers for students. It can be used either in class or as a work from home resource. The magazine aims to provide students with purposeful challenges that engage them in creating content using technology.

The following features are included in every issue of T4L kids magazine:

  • A main digital technology design challenge to guide student learning. 

  • Sample ideas to get students thinking.

  • A step by step design process to guide student idea development.

  • Demonstrations of key technology tools.

  • Ways to share their completed design challenge with their teacher.

Read issue 3 now!

T4L Kids is back with Issue 3 and we're happy campers! This edition of the magazine is all about scientific enquiry. Challenge your students to tackle an environmental task in their community with guided activities. Encourage them to use tech to quantify and then share their findings and inspire action. 








T4L Kids Issue 3

The Science Edition









T4L Kids Issue 2

The Science Fiction Edition


Teacher Notes

See the following updated ESIS advice on the safe use of 3D Printers in schools. 








T4L Kids Issue 1 

Video Game Design Challenge Edition


Teacher Notes

If you have any questions or comments about T4L Kids please email us.