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TS of OneNote Playbook - Staff Documents - including PDPs

This is the transcript of 'OneNote Playbook - Staff Documents - including PDPs' video


This is a Staff Notebook. Here, in this demo school, there is one teacher. There are three main spaces in a Staff Notebook. A collaboration space, where all members have access. A content library, where members can see content and a private notebook. This Staff Notebook also has an executive space. Managers of the notebook will be able to see all staff members, and individuals will only be able to see themselves. This is such a great way for leaders to manage staff and keep all important documents in one space. Each staff member has been given a space to add evaluations, link their digital program, and record any class observations and parent communications. You can see here in the PDP tab, each member has some general information, a template, as well as their own record. This is just one suggestion for how Microsoft OneNote can make your life easier.

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