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TS of OneNote Playbook - Class Workbooks

This is the transcript of 'OneNote Playbook - Class Workbooks' video


Here in this demo class, there is one student. They have a section for each KLA. You can see that this student has completed some reading with audio files included, writing, here in the form of handwritten work, a file and typed, and a sample of their weekly news. It's a great way to showcase all work, including digital files such as this Health and Digital Technologies Assessment. It provides an easy platform to give feedback using ink, text, or audio. You could even make a homework section and share this link with families. If you wanted to send a base file out to all students, their weekly homework, for example, put it into your Content Library or Collaboration Space, select the page that you'd like to distribute, select the Class Notebook tab at the top of the page, then Distribute Page, and Distribute Page again. Select where you would like the go and hit distribute. You'll see that the file now appears in each student's notebook. What a great way for you and your students to keep track of all their work and assessments.

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