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Educators are cyber marvellous

Teachers are role models not just in the classroom but also in the school community. They equip students with knowledge and skills to help them navigate the digital world safely. 

The more digitally mature you are, the more influence you will have. Cybermarvel is here to support you.

Be Cyber Marvellous Challenge 2021

Students can submit an entry individually or as a group into the Be Cyber Marvellous 2021 Challenge. Read more about this exciting competition.

Learning from home

Teachers can download weekly lessons to provide online safety learning for years K-6. These are short focused activities that students can complete each day using materials available at home. Some online activities are also included. 

Remind your students to complete their journals so that they can prepare their entry for the Be Cyber Marvellous 2021 Challenge.

Classroom resources

The stage-based classroom resources set out below reflect the four effective practices of Element 1 of the eSafety Commissioner’s Best Practice Framework, including the need to:

  • Focus on students in the context of their relationships with, and responsibilities to, others
  • Uphold children’s rights to provision, participation and protection in digital environments
  • Acknowledge the significant opportunities and safety challenges that students face in online environments
  • Empower all students to participate meaningfully in the design, development, and implementation of their online safety education.

Virtual classrooms

Professional learning

We have curated a set of professional development resources and webinars to help you understand the need to be cyber safe and how you can adapt recommended practice.

Cybermarvel Challenge

Students are invited to participate in the  Be Cyber Marvellous 2021 Challenge! 

To enter, they will need to collect the learning from each day into a journal using the templates:

Student can then use their knowledge and creative skills to create one or more of the following on a topic of their choice:

  • a poster (PDF/word)

  • a script for a play (PDF/word)

  • an MP4 video

  • an MP3 audio

  • a website (Google site or similar)

  • or write a fictional story to showcase your learning for the whole month (PDF/word).

We are looking for:

  • Originality- your work needs to be your own and not copied

  • Relevant - displays your online safety learning

  • Creativity- be creative, try and come up with something new!

  • Leadership - show how you have changed your and/or other people’s online behaviours

Students will submit their final product to their teacher by 3:00 PM on 15 Nov 2021

Teachers will need to review the submissions and select the best ones to upload to the Cybermarvel submission centre by 3:00 PM on 29 Nov 2021.

All entries will be thoroughly reviewed by our judges panel and the best entries will be published on our website.

State-specific PL