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World Bee Day in digital classrooms

World Bee Day May 20 logo with an image of a bee, the world and a flower


World Bee Day is celebrated on Thursday 20 May, 2021.


Did you know that nearly two-thirds of Australia's agricultural production benefits from bee pollination? The world needs bees for food security, biodiversity and ecosystem health. Bees are under threat from the destruction of their habitat, pesticide usage, diseases and more complex reasons.


So how can you and your students learn more about bees with the help of technology?

Why not check out the brand new ‘Build with Bees!’ resource from the team at Minecraft. Learn all about the bees within an engaging and exciting virtual world. You will find lesson ideas, virtual worlds built with bees and loads more.


Plus, why not explore the resources from a curriculum team project from a NSW school all about bees  These are recommended for Stages 1 -3.


Then check out this inspirational story from 2020, where you can explore Hillston Central School’s story about how they are working with bees and involving their whole school community.


Finally, how about using World Bee Day as the perfect excuse for a spelling bee?  Take a look at the Arts Unit resources on spelling