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T4L loves - our new favourite finds

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Google Earth Timelapse 

How has the world changed over time? What has been the impact of natural events, population changes and more? It's sometimes difficult to imagine, from our earth-bound perspective, but Google Earth and its library of satellite images can help. With the release of Google Earth Timelapse, you and your students can see how the world has changed over the last 37 years! You can use this resource to engage and inspire your students. It could even be the perfect resource to spark a T4L kids science challenge.

Inspiring Innovators 

Australia is an innovative nation. The cochlear ear implant, the Victa mower, the Hills Hoist, and more... but what is happening now? Advancing Australia is a brand-new show that explores the latest Aussie innovators who are changing the world for the better. It';s an awesome way to inspire your students to think outside the box and might be a great way to get your students in the groove for this year’s Game Changer Challenge! As always, please make sure you watch it first and use your judgement to ensure it is suitable for your class. 


Micro-credentials and the lifelong learner 

How do you gain new skills - MOOCs, online webinars, or more formal tertiary or vocational study? How will our students continue to learn? Will one degree be enough? Tune in to this edition of ‘This working life’ - an ABC podcast that talks all about the changing way in which we learn and the importance of upskilling ourselves and developing a passion for learning. And then why not also sign up to one of our professional learning events to kickstart your own learning habit! (P.S. this is a podcast for teachers, make sure you listen first and use your judgement if you are considering using it with students).

Minecraft Teacher Academy 

Are you keen to get your Minecraft groove on? The global Minecraft team is just about to lunch their latest academy cohort, and you are invited! With weekly virtual meetings to connect, answer questions and share insights, as well as enabling course content, you will be a Minecraft Master in no time. Plus, if you complete the Academy you will be in line for a certificate... Now you could be thinking -- a global academy…will the time zones work? They do: 4 pm Pacific Time is 9 am here in NSW! Sign up here (applications close 28th May). 

For more information on Minecraft in the NSW Department of Education and to sign up for licenses for you and your students, please visit this intranet site.

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