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Getting the most out of Google Classroom

Image from mag.t4l of Google resources

Read magazine.T4L! 

In the latest issue of magazine.T4L we look at some of the best hacks behind using Google Classroom. With our easy-to-read display and analysis of the Google Classroom dashboard, we’ve pointed out the best tips and tricks to get the most out of this useful platform. Read Issue 15 now. 

Conversations ahoy! 

No doubt you’re well-versed in the Stream flow of chatting (similar looking to the flow of Facebook’s chat). This is where you can converse directly with your whole class or select individual student names to chat with. You can keep the discussion going, set work or get the class to communicate with each other. 

What about feedback and assessment? 

Are you optimising your use of Google Classrooms? The feedback tools are incredibly supportive in providing personalised feedback to student work. If you haven’t explored this feature fully, make sure you read Issue 15 of magazine.T4L. 

Export with ease 

One of the great integrative functions of Classroom is that you can easily mark your students’ grades and export and upload into Sheets and more. 

Want more information? 

Check out our range of Google Classroom resources on our T4L site, including loads of bite-size videos to help you unpack it all. Watch them here.