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T4L loves – a holiday roundup

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LinkedIn Learning – treat yourself to a makeover 

Have you taken a look at your Google Drive lately? Is it in need of a makeover? This LinkedIn Learning course runs through all the basics of Google Drive  then loads you up with file management tips and tricks to make you a productivity powerhouse. While this is a generalised look at Google Drive, rather than a specialised look  in the DoE environment – there's still heaps of hacks to get your Google Drive organised. Check this great course out.  

What app would your students create? 

If your students could design an app, what would it look like? A New Zealand school’s story caught our eye this week. A group of NZ students prototyped their own Samoan language app with iPad. Students can go all the way from identifying a need, through to design and prototyping in a program like Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Slides, this story is sure to inspire!  


The power of Redstone 

Redstone may be the tool that powers up Minecraft worlds, but this  webinar from the Global Minecraft team might be a great way to involve and introduce your students to digital technologies, including electrical engineering components such as smart homes and systems. Register now for this webinar: Exploring Electrical Engineering with Redstone and more in Minecraft: Education Edition

Lessons in ‘good trouble’ 

Are you keen to introduce your students to some of the world’s most amazing social changemakers? Well, now you can do it in Minecraft: Education Edition. Tackling some of the big issues that face us today including women’s equality in education, the Black Lives Matter movement and women’s suffrage, Minecraft has created a range of worlds and a series of lesson plans that will help us all make the change. Explore the lesson plans, guides and Minecraft worlds on the Global Minecraft site. 

Some easy steps on locating the world:  

  • Log in to Minecraft: Education Edition 
  • Go to 'View Library’ 
  • Go to ‘Lessons’ 
  • Then ‘Equity and Inclusion’ 
  • You should then see the ‘Lessons in Good Trouble’ series 

The brand without a bottle 

Are you looking for inspiration to get your students using the Student Filmmaker resource? Check out this project-based learning resource from Sydney Water that introduces students to the concept of persuasion in advertising and then challenges students to create and craft a marketing campaign around shifting the perception of tap water. Check out this refreshing resource! 


Please note: The resources above are not necessarily endorsed or supported by the T4L team or NSW Department of Education; they have been provided for informational purposes only.